I work where leadership and life intersect.


Whitney helped me solve the problem of getting things done as a team. My teammates feel respected and output has improved. This has resulted in happier and stress-free outcomes for all. I feel more confident about my role as a leader.

--Vice President, Finance, Los Angeles

Hello there, I'm Whitney.

I am a leadership coach in private practice in Santa Monica, working with clients by phone from coast to coast. The work is like stepping outside of your life and walking alongside it in order to focus, see things clearly, and take action. This is leadership coaching. It’s valuable and it’s fun.

I am an over-educated, recovering over-achiever. I get it, you don’t need my help and you may want it. You want something to change in your work or life, or both. You either haven't fully succeeded or aren't fully satisfied, or both. When you’re ready, schedule a conversation to confirm fit.

Be well,





This is the work we will do together.


Leadership Transition

You want to transition well.

You want clarity.


I will help you get to the next level, navigate a new role, pivot your career or intentionally take a time-out


Leadership Development

You want to be more effective.

You want confidence.


I will help you discover what is holding you back and what

will accelerate you moving forward.


Work-Life Integration

You want time to focus on you.

You want calm.


I will help you make time for you and your relationships. I will help you align your skills with what satisfies you.

How you invest time and money matters.

of clients continue in an ongoing coaching partnership, over one year

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of clients are referrals

of clients choose to invest in their development, they are self-sponsored

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